The Experience Of The State Of Pure Awareness

Pure awareness is the frame of mind. The structure of mind, where you are devoid of all the mind activities. The nature of the brain is to believe ideas, envision things, build up experiences, and impressions and develop a circle of ideas out of it.

The mind works with its ideas procedure. You have the state of pure awareness, which is below the functions of the brain. The duties of the mind, such as believing, creativity, visualization, dreaming, forming desires, developing the understanding, forming a point of view, stay at the surface area.

When you merely observe life and take your attention inward, gradually you slip back underneath the typical functions of your mind, to experience the state, which is pure.

The state of awareness is a pure mindset. You do not discover yourself believing ideas nor observing the desires and dreams; instead, you experience the quiet area of the mind.

In meditation or various kinds of yoga, we make efforts to take our attention inward. As soon as you reach the no-mind state, absolutely nothing stays for you to do anything, instead you entirely surrender yourself to the minute.

With the Experience of pure awareness, you recognize that your efforts are restricted. You can not accomplish whatever with the effort. You need to adjust the course of surrender.

You have to reach the state of formlessness and effortlessness if you select to move beyond this life. Anything with the mind requires efforts, and when you are made with the shots, you need to surrender yourself, to permit the Experience to take place.

The Experience of awareness has lots of happiness, and when you boil down from this state, all the secrets of life and the mind are exposed.

When you comprehend your mind, you understand the life on earth, as life is manifested in the subtle kind in your account. With the understanding of the brain, you comprehend experience and the procedure of life.

All the discomfort and suffering of life is because of resistance. The knowledge teaches you to accept life out of understanding. There is a procedure out of which life happens, and the method occurs within your mind.

The life of the mind begins with the impressions and experiences of life. The brain builds up opinions and experiences from the outdoors world through the senses.

The experiences and impressions, even more, produce ideas and feelings, and these ideas and emotions become energy, which leads to your action or action in the outdoors world.